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College Board

The college board is a nonprofit educational association established to help students, parents and teachers of different standing. They include a variety of colleges, universities, educational systems and institutions. There are over 4500 institutions involved in this board. The college board has several different areas in the United States where they are involved as well as an establishment in Puerto Rico. There are several functions that the college board has.

1. Managing standardized tests. This includes the SAT, PSAT, and CLEP.
2. Develop programs for teachers and counselors for professional development of students.
3. Research and develop student aid.
4. Help students plan for higher education by giving them knowledge and assisting with the application process.
5. Assist parents by providing information on different colleges and loans.
6. Provide workshops for students, teachers and parents concerning higher education.
7. Assist younger students with specialized learning programs, such as advanced placement.
8. Network between colleges to establish and develop programs for students.

The members involved in the college board fall into two categories. Some are those that focus on higher education. This includes specialized colleges in two year and four year program, half which are private and the other are public. The other members focus on providing for secondary education. This includes district schools as well as public and private high schools.

Along with the major focuses that the college board has, they also have special projects and events which they may center some of their involvement in. This includes things such as diversity in higher education, writing, and competition and scholarships for those in need or that are gifted.

The college board is a specific way to help students in the high school and college level with tests, financial aid, and other specific needs. Through this support, more of the younger generations will have opportunities in higher education as well as understand the standards required to achieve their goals.


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