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Learning sometimes requires books and college students are usually required to purchase quite a few books. Each class typically has at least one book. Purchasing college books (text books) can get expensive. Most students spend between $200-$500 a semester just on books. You can trade your books in at the end of the semester for a credit or for cash but you will only get a fraction of what you paid for them. The bookstore buys the college books back from students, but only if they are using them again the next semester. The most profitable idea is to try to sell your book to another student who will be taking the class. You can work out a fair price, something that is less than what they would pay at the bookstore but more than what you would get on a trade-in; this way your both benefit.

Buying used textbooks will save you money. The college bookstore will probably have any book you need for your class in stock, but it is not the only place you can purchase your college books. If you shop around at different stores you might be able to save yourself some money. Many online resources have college books for less than what you would pay at your college bookstore.

These websites advertise online stores that will buy and trade college textbooks. You can buy your books for a discount price and sell your old books back for money. The college book industry is “big business” and many bookstores and online stores are taking advantage of this mass market. All of these businesses are vying for your money so take advantage of the opportunity to get the best price on the books you need.


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