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College Class Rings

Memories are valuable treasures to hold on to. Often, memories are associated with some large accomplishment. Maybe you like to save photographs and makes scrapbooks. Maybe you have a trophy case or a collection of ribbons. Schools are often remembered with yearbooks and diplomas. Consider though, the enduring nature of college class rings forever emblemizing one of the greatest achievements of your life. When you finish a college degree and walk across the stage it seems impossible that the diploma you receive is possibly the representation of the hard years you spent working through classes and leaning on friends.

While prospective employers are interested in your diploma, everyone else is more impressed by more artistic demonstrations. College class rings are made to order. You get to choose the metal, the stone, the carving and the size. Because of all of the free choice involved, your ring will truly represent your achievement in school. You may choose your birthstone or your favorite color. You may choose engravings of your major, which a diploma does display, or the activities you were involved in, which a diploma has no interest in. Whatever your preferences, college class rings end up looking just the way you’d like them to.

College is about more than just the degree you receive. It is about a dedicated and significant portion of your life. Pictures and papers will fade with time, but college class rings last essentially forever. A diploma can only say so much, and is often put away in a file cabinet. College class rings say more about you and what it took to get through your degree. You can openly show them off so that people can see where you went to school, when you graduated and what it took for you to do it. Not only will other people notice, but more importantly, you will be able to easily look back on those great college years. So, flash your prestige around. The memories are worth it.


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