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The dormitories on college campuses are filled with eager students ready to face “life on their own.” This newfound freedom is exciting and somewhat overwhelming for the majority of new college freshman. Living in a college dorm is essential for a healthy social life, especially if you are new to the campus. College dorms typically have a small room to accommodate two people with two beds and two desks. There are community bathrooms and dining areas, but that is slowly changing. Several colleges and universities have apartment like dorms that are spacious and comfortable. Updated college dorms are just like having off-campus housing without the higher cost. Although there are still a great number of traditional college dorm rooms, times are changing and college campuses are moving forward.

Students that do not have a form of transportation or need to stay close to school can benefit from living a college dorm. Also foreign students and students with scholarships are likely to live in a college dorm.

There are many advantages to living on campus in the dorms, which include:

Socializing with other students
Being close to classrooms and the library etc
Student housing typically costs less
Get updated on current events and activities—located in the center of the “action”
Save on travel expenses—can walk to most locations

Here are some disadvantages of living in a college dorm especially is you are living in the traditional dorm:

Lack of privacy
Small space
Community bathrooms—sharing toilets and showers
Noise level

There are definitely pros and cons to living on campus, so students need to weigh their options and decide what living arrangements fit into their lifestyle. The college dorm way of live is acceptable for many people. It is recommended for freshman to live on campus so they can successfully find their way around a new place and easily socialize with other students and faculty.


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