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College football is a popular and growing sport for those entering into college. Football comes out of the game of rugby played in England. Through the growing popularity of the game in America, college football is now a way to train students to become professional players.

The beginning of promoting college football as a professional sport grew with the establishment of NCAA, which stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association. They officially formed in 1997 and are a way to promote college football. This includes those who play, support and teach the game. They have done everything from providing new materials to those playing the game as well as providing entertainment on local channels.

One of the steps that is used to train students as well as promote the game is through the Bowl Championship Series. Through this, several college teams play against each other. Two of the top teams are picked who then will play in a national championship game, which is the Rose Bowl. Games that lead up to the Rose Bowl include the Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Orange Bowl. Many of the college teams are picked through polls and what the general population thinks the best teams are. Through the general population as well as through the opinions of coaches, the college teams are narrowed to twenty five. These teams then play through these championship series. If you are chosen to play at the Rose Bowl, it is very likely that you or part of your team will have an option into going into professional football.

As well as these series of games that are provided, there is also a College Football Hall of Fame which includes players and coaches from all divisions. In order to be a part of this hall of fame, the team must have received First Team All-America Status, played in intercollegiate football for the past 50 years, be an outstanding citizen, and have academic honors.

These as well as other divisions have allowed college football to become a growing and popular sport in America.


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