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There is no normal and there is no typical. Nothing could be more true about human nature. There are always attempts made to classify and categorize, but no method has been one hundred percent successful. The joke is that women are even harder to understand than the average human, but that joke could have some truth to it. College girls are a great example of unclassifiable people. And yet, I am going to try to categorize them and explain them to some extent.

In my experience, college girls are where they are for one of several reasons. College is a great place to find a good provider for the future. A guy that has the initiative and the motivation to get through a college degree will also most likely do well in the work force as well. That is probably a little difficult for some people to swallow. Women have an interesting history in this country, and for that matter, in the world. They have never had the same rights or opportunities as men. That has and is still changing. Another reason that college girls attend school is to get an education for themselves, in order to support themselves and their families. With less dependence on men, women have actually swung in the opposite direction and more and more are dealing with, or embracing, single motherhood. For them, colleges and universities have started offering scholarships and even housing and pay while they attend school.

While those are two obvious reasons, the second more than the first, that college girls attend school, there are of course many others. Some just want to have fun. They go for the love of learning and the desire to build relationships. Others go because their middle or upper class families expect them to. Of course there are as many more reasons that the girls are in school as there are girls in school. Sorry guys, they really cannot be explained.


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