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So maybe you thought you had a handle on the flirting and other games of attraction. All through high school you got constant practice with the guys, but now you are past that and it’s a whole new ball game. Slowly but surely you are learning that college guys are way different than the younger ones. You don’t quite get the same reactions that you used to, and the social life has been kicked up into high gear. Life is moving fast and the guys seem out of reach. What are you supposed to do with them now?

One thing that has certainly changed is that college guys are much more aware of the games girls play. They aren’t as willing to fling around their hearts to anyone who smiles at them. As they get older, they are increasingly working towards a secure masculine identity. For most college guys, that means taking the lead and acting more like their fathers or other strong, male role model. They are learning and moving towards adult lives and careers. Such steps don’t allow for superficial back tracking. Of course, they will still flirt, but that isn’t all these guys are looking for.

Now, that doesn’t mean that all college guys are looking for long-term commitment either. Instead of either extreme, they are looking for more meaningful relationships that will help them become who they want to be. With all that information, how are you supposed to relate to college guys? What is the real, practical advice between the lines? Just be yourself, without the games and take an interest in their real selves. No doubt your new outlook on life will earn you some admirers back. With sincerity and a willingness to grow, in no time you’ll be having a great time while learning about yourself and other people.


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