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One of the best things about going to school post-high school, is the pranks, the jokes, and the wild parties that said schools are infamous for. College humor has a special place in the hearts of each educated person. It’s the frat parties, the ‘Duct Tape the Little Kid to the Wall’, the knowledge that everyone on campus can legally drink. It’s that thrill of being parent-free and dominant, for the first time since inside the womb. And there’s the opposite sex in there too that helps.

There are millions upon millions of sites dedicated purely to college humor There are the pictures of half naked guys with ‘funny’ sayings written in permanent black marker on their stomachs; and the ‘How Drunk Were You?’ quizzes that can be found in numerous places. The majority of the sites aren’t even maintained by college students—they don’t have enough spare time to be constantly updating and programming a site—but by older people who have already graduated. The people that know that just because college students are nearly broke trying to cover their tuition, they’ll still pay sites to get a laugh every once in a while.

Parents even like to pretend that any and all college humor doesn’t really exist. They know it does, but they’re in denial. They don’t want to know what their kid is doing on a Saturday night. They just want bragging rights, so that they can slyly mention how well you’re doing to the neighbor, whose child didn’t go to college. Really, if you think about it, they’re even worse than the partygoers on Saturday night.

There is something to be said about the actual students too. Really, with all their homework, necessary studying, and crammed living spaces, they shouldn’t have time for much college humor. But they make time. They don’t technically have time to do that essay for bonus marks, but they have time to play ‘Duck Tape the Little Kid to the Wall’. Go figure.


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