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Going into college means becoming open to a world in which you may wish to professionally pursue for several years to come. One of the divisions available in college is through the sports program. Because of this opportunity, several people may go to college as college jocks in order to remain physically fit and move into a degree of sports. Over time, college jocks have been given a bad name. In the 1980’s and 1990’s it seemed that being considered a jock was a bad thing, implying that one was “dumb but althletic”. However, these days we have come to appreciate the effort and talent required to excel in sports and being considered a jock, is not a bad thing.

The college offers several different opportunities for college jocks. Not only are there scholarships, degrees and programs offered for this particular type of student, but there are also several different sports to play while in college. These include football, baseball, basketball, cross country, fencing, golf, gymnastics, hockey, skiing, soccer, swimming, tennis, track, volleyball, wresting and several others. There are both men and women’s divisions for college jocks to enter in, both which contain most of the same sports.

Most college jocks who are interested in sports also must participate in other academic fields in order to be well-rounded in both their desire to play sports as well as an intellectual basis. Most programs offer college jocks the opportunity to participate in several different areas of academic study as well as their own study for their selected sports.

On top of all of the sports, academics and extra-curricular activities for college jocks are also several fraternities available for those interested in being part of an athletic club at a social level. These will vary depending on the college that is chosen.

The opportunities available for college athletes are endless. These include not only academic studies, but also social gatherings. It also includes a variety of sports to meet the needs of every student who decides to attend college with the intent of becoming a professional athlete.


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