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Celebrating an occasion goes back to the foundation of the earth. If there is a reason to be happy then human beings will celebrate in some form or fashion. In fact celebration rituals are recorded with the early Greeks, and many scholars guess that college parties emerged from the celebration of spring with the vivacious young Greeks of the time and evolved. The young have a way of inventing new forms of entertainment, and today there are various ways they celebrate at college. Pre and post game parties, 21 shot birthdays unfortunately, graduation, or an anytime party will do too. Of prime influence for the partying crowd is the athletic enthusiasts and the history of the tail gate party is an interesting one. So read on about the conflict of the tailgate party.

Tailgate college parties have been popular for years. It might be surprising to find out that there is a long debate on when tailgating celebrations started in the United States. One of the first evidences for a pre – game type party began with a football game between Rutgers and Princeton in the late 1800s after the American Civil War. They claim that warding off hunger pains before the game was done by way of grilling and snacking at the tail end of a horse. However, another famous college states that it was much later for the informal grill and snack until you pop lunch party. Yale claims that they hold the key to the famous tailgate party of today, and it could be true too. It might be considered a little more appetizing because it seems they think that the lunch was served right after a long train ride and walk to the game – at the gates entrance?

College parties are an interesting facet of American life. In the end it doesn’t matter what college or university lays the claim for the tailgate party, it only matters that in whatever way it is or has been experienced, that it enriches the memories of individuals. The American experience will change as all things do, and college parties will continue to be a part of it.


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