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College rings make a great memento you can cherish for years after you graduate. Many graduates get college rings for a graduation gift. These rings are typically silver or gold; they are well made and will last a lifetime. The college and the year are written on the ring usually surrounding some type of stone or jewel. You can make your college memories last forever with a customized ring from the jeweler of your choice. Many jewelers will customize a ring for you and include your college or universities name and symbol.

One company that is known for their class ring distribution is Jostens. Several schools use this company because they specialize in class ring production. They make rings for high schools, colleges and universities. There are so many styles to choose from you are sure to find a ring that fits your expectations. The rings can be customized to your specifications. You may be able to find information about ordering your college ring from the school you are attending or the Internet is a great resource to find companies who make rings.

If you were not able to purchase a class ring when you graduated it is not too late. Companies like Jostens will customize your ring with your school’s mascot for you not matter when you graduated. You can choose from silver, gold, white gold and platinum rings. There are styles for men and women with large and small designs. Choose your size (big and bold or small and subtle), include your name, a stone of some sort and more. The school colors will be proudly displayed and the school mascot or design is probably in their database. The color style and material is up to you. A school ring can help you cherish and share your classroom memories for your lifetime!


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