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College Sports are extremely important to most schools. Colleges and universities take great pride in their athletic programs. A large amount of money is invested in college sports. The revenue from sports events helps sustain the athletic program and the college a whole. Coaches and players work together to make a winning team. Some common college sports teams are basketball teams, football teams, baseball teams, gymnastics and volleyball teams. These teams are typically separated into men and women’s sport teams.

College sports can be helpful for many college students. Scholarships are given out to outstanding athletes. Several student attend college on an athletic scholarship, some of these students would not otherwise be able to afford to go to college. Some schools depend heavily on their athletic programs for financial purposes. College sports’ is a “big business” and if you have a winning team your school will be racking in the “bucks.”
Selecting a qualified coach is important when it comes to forming a winning team. Colleges around the nation are always looking for outstanding coaches to add to their faculty. Coaches start at the beginning of the year with their eyes and ears open for their next sports star. Recruiting even at a college level can be stressful. High school students work hard to be recruited to an award winning college team. Some athletes work their entire lives to be able to play for a certain college or university. Students tend to think belonging to a sports team will make them popular and add spice to their social life. Hard work and dedication is what gets them there though. College sports’ prepares the “star athlete” for professional status. Professional recruiters start looking at athlete’s in their freshman year so the players need to put on their “best game” right at the beginning of the season so they can keep the attention of the pros!


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