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NEW FRANCE 1690 - 1693
Quebec Culture

The English asked the Iroquois to keep the French in perpetual alarm.

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The Coureurs des Boise are spending 2-3 years in the woods, traveling everywhere.


The Religieuses Hospitaliers in Quebec applied for and obtained trading licenses.

Fort Quebec trading licenses.

Fort Quebec
Fort Quebec Drawing of Fort Quebec

A conference held during May in New York agreed to attack Forts Ville-Marie (Montreal) and Quebec in retaliation for the French invasion. Selected to lead the Expedition is William Phips, Governor of Massachusetts, Bay Province.&nbs(II)-Rene Hilaire Cuillerier, b-1690, died January 2, 1771 Hospital General, Montreal, married 1st. (II)-Marie Jeanne Cornuo (1694-1756); 2nd marriage Elisabeth Padoka Sauvegesse.

(II)-Jean Fransois Lienard dit Durbois Métis (1657-1724/1731), Pointe-aux-Trembles son (I)-Sebastien Lienard (1628-1701) and (II)-Francoise Pelletier Métis (1642-1707)
1st married 1690 Pointe-aux-Trembles de Quebec, Marie Madeleline Arpot aka Wabanquiquois, sauvagesse (1673-1758)
    (III)-Francois Lienard Métis 1st married 1713 Ste. Foye, (III)-Agnes Bonhomme, b-1684 widow of Noel Roulois, 2nd married 1731 (II)-Marie Agnes Corneau b-1706 widow of Claude Lemerie
    (III)-Marie Genevieve Lienard Métis b-1698 Pointe-aux-Trembles
    (III)-Marie Anne Lienard Métis b-1700 Pointe-aux-Trembles. married 1721 Pointe-aux-Trembles, (III)-Rene Trudel (1694-1776)
    (III)-Marie Therese Lienard Métis (1702-1702) Pointe-aux-Trembles
    (III)-Anonyme Lienard Métis (1703-1703) Pointe-aux-Trembles
    (III)-Marie Agelique Lienard Métis (1704-1720) Pointe-aux-Trembles
2nd marriage 1717 Marie Agnes Robitaille
    (III)-Jean Francois Lienard Métis b-1718 Ste Foye

(II)-Maurice Menard dit Lafontaine b-1664Trois Rivieres an interpreter at Michillimakinac which suggests a Métis, son (I)-Jacques Menard dit Tafortaine b-1629 and Catherine Fortier (1637-1694); married about 1690/92 or earlier, either Boucherville or Michillimackinac, (III)-Madeleine Couc dit Lafebvre Métis b-1669 daughter (II)-Pierre Couc dit Lafleur (1624-1690) and Marie Mite8ameg8k8e (1631-1699)
    (III)-Marguerite Menard, Métis married 1706 Boucherville, (II)-Pierre Boileau b-1676
    (III)-Antoine Menard Métis b-1695 Michillimakinac, married 1723 Boucherville (II)-Marie Huet b-1698
    (III)-Marie Madeleine Menard Métis married 1714 Chambly, (I)-Carle Pavy dit Lafleur
    (III)-Louis Menard Métis b-1697 married 1725 Longueuil (II)-Francoise Robidou b-1707
    (III)-Francois Menard Métis married 1736 Laprairie (III)-Marie Charolotte Sauve b-1714

An ancestor of the Garneau clan (I)-Luc Proteau born 1668 married 1690 Pointe-aux-Trembles, New France (II)-Marie Madeleine Germain born 1670. 1690 Pointe-aux-Trembles, New France (II)-Marie Madeleine Germain born 1670.

There are 4092 slaves recorded in New France by this date including 1,400 Negres and 2,692 Indians.

Based on religious teachings, most New France people believed in magic and witchcraft. Tales are told of flying canoes, werewolves and encounters with the devil. The clergy is called to exorcise a suspected sorceress, but this never reached the religious furor of the Salem witch hunts.

Beaver pelts were piling up in stockrooms and rotting because supply greatly exceeded French demand. The French market could only absorb 40,000 to 50,000 pounds of pelts per year. In 1689 800,000 pounds of beaver pelts arrived Montreal.

Fifteen leagues below Fort Quebec are a number of Coureurs des Bois and Ottawa who are in rebellion and very desirous to trade with the English, as the French are unable to furnish goods. The Jesuits who live among the Ottawa are not well liked according to Samuel York.

(I)-Claude de Ramezay, (1659-1724) Governor Trois Rivieres (1690-1699).

The Abnakis who are 3 leagues from Quebec plant Skamounar also called Turkey Wheat or Indian Corn.

Port-Royal, Acadia is captured by the British. It will be renamed Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

About 400 French and native troops, under the leadership of (I)-Jean Vincent d'Abbadie of Saint Castin (1652-1707), who destroyed Salmon Falls (Berwick, Maine), then returned to Falmouth and massacred all the British settlers in the Battle of Fort Loyal. The fall of Fort Loyal (Casco) led to the near depopulation of Maine. Native forces were then able to attack New Hampshire frontier without reprisal.

A British frigate destroyed the settlement and good port of Perce (Quebec-Acadia.). Perce Rock is known for its 120,000 gannets, puffins, guillemots and cormorants.

January 1: Pte du Lac, birth (II)-Marie Jeanne Delpee, Métis, daughter, (I)-Francois Singerny also St. Cerny and Delpee (1640-1725) and (II)-Marie Angelique Couc dit Lafleur, Métis, (1661-1750).

January 8: Chateau Richer marriage (II)-Nicolas Doyon d-1715 to (III)-Genevieve Guyon Métis (1665-1734) daughter (II)-Jean Guyon Métis d-1694 and (II)-Elisabeth Couillard Métis d-1704
    (III)-Jean Doyon Métis b-1691 Quebec
    (III)-Anonyme Doyon Métis (1692-1692) Quebec
    (III)-Nicolas Doyon Métis (1693-1693) Quebec
    (III)-Ignace Prisque Doyon Métis (1694-1694) Quebec
    (III)-Genevieve Doyon Métis (1695-1763) Quebec, 1st married 1716 Quebec (II)-Charles Hedouin b-1681; 2nd marriage 1726 Quebec (I)-Francois Emmanuel Moreau
    (III)-Marie Charlotte Doyon Métis (1696-1700) Quebec
    (III)-Marguerite Doyon Métis b-1699 Quebec, married 1732 Quebec (I)-Francois Crevalier et Chevalier
    (III)-Charles Doyon Métis b-1701 Quebec
    (III)-Marie Angelique Doyon Métis (1702-1702) Quebec
    (III)-Louise Doyon Métis b-1703 Quebec, married 1721 Quebec (III)-Jean Baudy b-1684
    (III)-Nicolas Doyon Métis b-1705 Quebec
    (III)-Marie Charlotte Doyon Métis (1708-1731) Quebec
    (III)-Elizabeth Doyon Métis (1712-1712) Quebec

January 9: Chateau Richer marriage (III)-Louis Pasquier et Pasquet et Paquet Métis son (II)-Maurice Pasquier and (II)-Francoise Forget Métis; married (II)Genevieve Leroux d-1711
    (IV)-Louis Pasquier Métis b-1692 Chateau Richer    
    (IV)-Marie Pasquier et Paquet Métis b-1693 Chateau Richer 1st married 1712 Chateau Richer (II)-Nicolas Thibaut (1663-1727); 2nd married 1729 Lachenaye RenePoudret et Poutre
    (IV)-Angelique Pasquier Métis (1695-1695) Chateau Richer    
    (IV)-Francois Pasquier Métis b-1697 Chateau Richer    
    (IV)-Anne Pasquier Métis (1703-1704) Chateau Richer    
    (IV)-Elizabeth Pasquier Métis b-1695    
    (IV)-Marie Madeleine Pasquier Métis b-1700 Quebec
    (IV)-Genevieve Pasquier Métis married Quebec Louis Pasquet

January 11: Champlain, marriage (I)-Jacques Sauvage, d-1767 married (III)-Catherine Jean View, daughter (II)-Jean Vien, epouse August 5, 1724, Detroit, Pierre Godfroy.

January 11: Beauport, marriage (II)-Antoine Martin Métis dit Montpellier (1650/1654-1715) son (I)-Antoine Martein dit Montpellier d-1659 and (II)-Denise Sevestre b-1628 Métis*; daughter (II)-Charles Sevestre d-1657 Quebec and Marie Pichon d-1661 Quebec *other children listed born Kebec 1636 & 1639, then Denise 1628 suggesting she was born New France maybe father deported 1929 to France wife and child stayed with her people?  No children born between 1628-1635
1st married 1690 Beauport (II)-Jeanne Cadeau b-1663
     (III)-Jeanne Martin Métis b-1691 Charlesbourg, married 1712 Charlesbourg (III)-Jean Baptiste Choret b-1687
     (III)-Marie Martin Métis b-1693 Charlesbourg, married 1716 Charlesbourg (II)-Jean Turcot b-1690
     (III)-Marie Charlotte Martin Métis b-1694 Charlesbourg, married 1716 Charlesbourg (II)-Francois Auclair d-1744
2nd marriage 1699 Charlesbourg, (II)-Marie Bonet (1677-1749)
     (III)-Anonyme Martin Métis (1699-1699) Charlesbourg,
     (III)-Joseph Martin Métis b-1700 Charlesbourg, married 1726 Charlesbourg (IV)-Marie Charlotte Benard b-1704
     (III)-Jean Antoine Martin Métis b-1702 Charlesbourg, married 1737 St Laurent M., (III)-Marie Anne Turcot b-1718
     (III)-Marie Josette Martin Métis (1704-1715) Charlesbourg,
     (III)-Jacque Martin Métis b-1706 Charlesbourg married 1737 Charlesbourg, Madeline Chauveau
     (III)-Marie Ursule Martin Métis b-1707 Charlesbourg, 1st married 1735 (II)-Jean Garneau b-1676, 2nd married 1750 Charlesbourg, Charles Corvaisier
     (III)-Anonyme Martin Métis (1709-1709) Charlesbourg,
     (III)-Jean Francois Martin Métis b-1709 Charlesbourg,
     (III)-Marie Angelique Martin Métis (1712-1736) Charlesbourg
     (III)-Pierre Martin Métis (1715-1725) Charlesbourg

January 22: Montreal, birth (III)-Jacques Goguet, Métis, son (II)-Pierre Goguet and (II)-Anne Charron, Métis, b-1670 daughter,  (I)-Pierre Charron (1640-1700) and Catherine Pilliar ou Pilet-Pillard, Métis, b-1651?.

February 8: (I)-Louis de Baud, Count of Frontenac (1620-1698), the Huguenot, ordered a three-prong attack on the English. Nicholas de Mantet, Jacques Le Moyne de Ste Helene and (II)-Pierre Le Moyne'd (Moyner) Iberville et d'Ardillieres (d'Iberville) (1661-1706); a ruthless, cruel man, and two hundred and fifty men, in February, destroyed Schenectardy, Connecticut (New York), killing thirty eight men and boys, ten women and twelve children. They captured between eighty and ninety men. Other accounts suggest sixty residents were massacred including seventeen children. Either version suggests they were massacred.   Francois Joseph Hertel de Moncour (1642-1722), with twenty-four French and an equal number of Natives, attacked Salmon Falls, Maine (March 27-28) between New Hampshire and Maine, killing thirty men, women and children. The captured totaled fifty-four women and children. Many escaped only to perish by exposure or frozen limbs.

February 10: Boucherville, birth (II)-Jean Baptiste Barron (Baron) son (I)-Ledger Baron (1642-1711) and (II)-Marie Anne Baudon, died July 4, 1703 Boucherville; married about 1730 Illinois, Marie Catherine Illinois Indian, b-1703, died October 12, 1745 Illinoise de Kaskakia; 2nd marriage August 18, 1748 Cahokia Domitlde Rolet.

March 5: Quebec, birth (II)-Joseph Blanchet, died September 6, 1693 St. Thomas, Métis son (II)-Pierre Blanchet, b-1646 and (II)-Marie Fournier, Métis, b-1855 daughter (I)-Guillaume Fournier (1619-1699) and (III)-Francoise Hebert, Métis, b-1638    

March 28: Berwick is attacked, 34 killed and 50 taken prisoner and the town was burnt.

March 30: Cap St. Ignace, birth (III)-Francois Langlois, Métis, son, (II)-Jean Langlois, Métis, b-1648 and (II)-Marie Cadieu:

April 2: Beauport marriage (I)-Antoine Legendre to (III)-Anne Guyon Métis epouse 1710 Quebec (I)-Jean Chevalier daughter (II)-Francois Guyon des Pres Métis d-1718 and (II)-Marguerite Marsolet
    (II)-Genevieve Legendre Métis b-1691 Quebec d-1691 Beauport
    (II)-Antoine Legendre Métis b-1691 Quebec
    (II)-Pierre Legendre Métis b-1693 Quebec
    (II)-Marie Josette Legendre Métis b-1698 Quebec

April 5: St. Thomas, Pierreville, death, (II)-Pierre Couc dit Lafleur, Métis, son (I)-Pierre Couc dit Lafleur (1624-1690), and Marie Mite8ameg8k8e, Algonquine sauvagesse (1631-1699).

April 16: Ste Anne marriage (II)-Pierre De Lessart Métis (1658-1737) son (I)-Etienne De Lessart (1623-1703) and (II)-Marguerite Sevestre Métis d-1720); married (II)-Barbe Fortin d-1737
    (III)-Etienne De Lessart Métis b-1691 Ste Anne
    (III)-Marie Therese De Lessart Métis b-1692 Ste Anne married 1714 I'IIet (III)-Louis Gagne (1686-1754)
    (III)-Prisque De Lessart Métis b-1694 Ste Anne
    (III)-Genevieve De Lessart Métis b-1698 Chateau Richer

April 25: Cap St. Ignace, birth/death (III)-Anonyme Fournier Métis child (II)-Joseph Fournier Métis b-1662 and Barbe Girard.

April 28: Levis, birth (II)-Joseph, died May 5, 1690,  Gesseron, Métis son (I)-Louis Gesseron dit Brulot b-1639 and (II)-Agathe Fournier, Métis, b-1657 

May: Seven war ships with 736 New Englanders, under William Phips (1650-1695),  attacked Acadia; Port Royal fell without resistance, La Here and Chedabucto, sacking houses, destroying crops, slaughtering livestock and they burned the Forts and houses.

May 14: Montreal married (I)-Jacques Desgagnes (1669-1714) to (III)-Genevieve Pelletier Métis b-1668 daughter (II)-Francois Pelletier Métis and (II)-Marguerite Madeleine Morisseau;
    (II)-Jacques Desgagnes Métis b-1691 Sorel
    (II)-Pierre Joseph Desgagnes Métis b-1696 Lachine, married 1729 Quebec Madeleine Royer
    (II)-Nicolas Desgagnes Métis b-1699 Quebec
    (II)-Marie Louise Desgagnes Métis 1st married 1715 Quebec Eustache Gourdel, 2nd married 1737 Louis Allaire
    (II)-Anne Francoise Desgagnes Métis (1703-1703) Montreal
    (II)-Genevieve Desgagnes Métis b-1704Ste Anne de I'IIe, married 1724 Quebec, (II)-Joseph Alary dit Le Grand Alary
    (II)-Charles Francois Desgagnes Métis b-1706 Lachine
    (II)-Benjamin Desgagnes Métis married 1743 Cap St. Ignace, (IV)-Claire Gagne b-78

May 26: Falmouth is attacked and all citizens unable to reach the fort are slain. Fort Loyal after 4 days defense surrendered. About 100 men, women and children are killed. Captain Davis and 3/4 others were taken captive. Major Church believed this vicious attack was in retaliation to an English vicious attack on Lachine last year, that saw 200 men, women and children burned alive. Some were forced to throw their own children into the fire. Others died under prolonged torture.

May 27: Quebec married Quebec (I)-Guillaume Gaillard (1669-1729) to (II)-Catherine Neveu et Nepveu Métis (1670-1715) daughter (I)-Philippe Nepveu (1635-1721) and (II)-Denyse Sevestre Métis 
    (II)-Charles Francois Gaillard Métis (1690-1736) Quebec 1st married 1719 Riviere du Loup (II)-Marguerite Lemaitre De Longee (1700-1722); 2nd marriage 1730 Quebec (II)-Genevieve Desjordis (1702-1754)
    (V)-Leonard Alexandre Belanger Métis b-1705 Quebec married Louise Bonnet
    (V)-Ignace Belanger Métis (1710-1711) Beauport

May 27: Ville-Marie (Montreal), Jean Haude Heart murdered Francois Pougnet b-1645 on January 26, 1690. He was condemned to having his right had cut in front of victims house, to receive six sharp blows on the legs, the thighs and arms on a scaffold. He was then put on the wheel until certified dead. The torturer was Jean Ratter.

May 28: Francois Joseph Hertel de Moncour's (1642-1722) band of thirty six joined Portneuf and his one hundred and ten French with a large number of Natives, making a force of five hundred, attacked Fort Loyal, Casco Bay (Portland, Maine). The Fort surrendered, and the French turned the people over to the Natives. On their return they were pursued by a British American party, resulting in the death of Louis Crevier nephew of Hertel. He and his sons were long remembered for their many brutal attacks on the English colonies.

July 6: Montreal, birth (III)-Jean Baptiste Desrosiers, Métis son (II)-Michel Desrosiers b-1652 and (II)-Marie Jeanne Artaut, Métis 

July 7: Quebec, birth (II)-Pierre Bodin Bodin, Métis, died May 5, 1749, Quebec,  son (I)-Pierre Bodin b-1641 and (III)-Angelique Pinguet, Métis b-1672.

July 17: Montreal, birth (III)-Joseph Lorrain b-1691, Montreal son (II)-Jean Zachairie Lorrain b-1665 and (II)-Catherine Madeleine Boivin b-1671 epouse 1704 Montreal, Louis Leroux
1st married 1727 Kaskakia, Marie Joseph Philippe b-1715, d-1738 Montreal daughter Michel Philippe (I suspect she is Métis, not verified)
    (IV)-Joseph Lorrain b-1728 1st married 1754, Montreal (IV)-Catherine Valieres, 2nd married 1756 Montreal (IV)-Catherine Roussin
2nd married 1740 Sault au Recollet (III)-Marie Joseph Pugeon (1709-1747)
    (IV)-Marie Joseph Lorrain (1741-1741) Montreal
    (IV)-Joseph Lorrain (1742-1742) Montreal
    (IV)-Marie Joseph Lorrain (1745-1745) Montreal
3rd marriage 1748 Longue Pointe, (II)-Jeanne Legrasb-1696 widow of Francois Toupin
4th marriage Sault au Recollet Marie Joseph Lemay daughter Barthelemi

July 31: Beauport, birth (III)-Genevieve Langlois, Métis, daughter, (II)-Noel Langlois dit Traversy, Métis d-1693 and (II)-Genevieve Parant: married February 14, 1708 Beauport, Rene Toupin.

August 10: A fleet of thirty-two ships set sail for Fort Quebec with two thousand and two hundred men. The ships had been waiting for supplies from England. A land army from New York, headed by Fitz John Winthrop of Connecticut and Robert Livingston of New York, with eight hundred English and an equal number of Iroquois, was to attack Fort Ville-Marie (Montreal). Winthrop noted that they prayed to almighty God to help subdue Canada. Due to bungling, only twenty-nine English and one hundred Iroquois made it to La Prairie on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, killing or capturing twenty-five French.

August 17: Ville-Marie (Montreal), birth, (III)-Charles Tessier, Métis, died December 26, 1747, Montreal son (II)-Jean Tessier dit Lavigue, Métis, died December 7, 1734 Ville-Marie (Montreal), and (II)-Louise Caron (1671-1703); 1st married April 9, 1720, Montreal Suzanne Buisson; 2nd marriage March 19, 1723, Montreal Francoise Janson; 3rd marriage October 29, 1726, Montreal, Marie Madeleine Pepin.  

September 25: St. Thomas, birth (II)-Joseph Prou Métis, died November 5, 1693 St. Thomas, son (I)-Jean Prou (1647-1703) and (II)-Jacquette Fouenier, Métis, b-1659, Quebec daughter (I)-Guillaume Fournier (1619-1699) and (III)-Francoise Hebert, Métis, b-1638 

October: About 30 English war ships entered the St. Lawrence River to take Quebec.

October 16: Sir William Phips, Major General, arrived at Fort Quebec with Senior Officers Lieutenant General Walley, Admiral Captain Gilbert and Vice-Admiral Captain Joseph Eldridge, and began planning the attack on Fort Quebec.

October 18: One thousand, three hundred (1,500?) landed on the Beauport Shoals and secured a position at St. Charles (between Beauport and Quebec) with little resistance. They burned 6-7 farms, killed 2 French and wounded 13. William Phips assumed the land force was successful and began the bombardment of Fort Quebec, both upper and lower towns. Return fire raked the ships. They were unable to land cannon at the St. Charles position, and they could make no headway. Gunpowder is running short on the ships; as a quick victory was assumed and supplies are limited. (I)-Daniel d'Auger de Subercase (1662-1732) was with Frontenac in Quebec. William Phips of New England ordered a retreat and the exchange of prisoners and returned to Boston, losing four of his ships and 400 men in the process. The English, however, blockaded the St. Lawrence, and only one in three supply ships made it through, placing Fort Quebec in a starvation scenario. Many Massachusetts, expecting plunder from Quebec, were brought to near bankruptcy. The attacking English men were farmers, tradesmen and townsfolk, not solders or sailors. They were required to supply their own guns. Some were 60 to 70 years old, showing signs of modifications and repair. They were required to supply their own eating utensils, ammunition containers and clothing. The bombardment of Quebec only resulted in the death of one child but the raked English ships lost 100 men and serious damage to four large ships. It was noted that 200 Loups (Englishmen, disguised as Savages) was employed against the French.

October 19: Montreal, birth (III)-Jacques Lemaitre, Métis died November 7, 1690 Montreal, son (II)-Charles Lemaitre and (III)-Madeleine Crevier, de Bellerive Métis 

November 30: Beauport, birth (III)-Anne Therese Giroux, Métis, daughter (II)-Michel Giroux (1661-1715) Beauport and (II)-Marie Therese Provost, Métis (1665,-1743): married January 26, 1712 Beauport, Jean Duprac

December 26: Batiscan, birth (II)-Marie Louise Cadau et Cadot, Métis, died November 11, 1708 daughter (I)-Mathurn Cadotte, Cadau alias Poitevin (1649-1729) and (II)-Marie Catherine Durand, Métis, born June 4, 1666 Cap Rouge (Sillery), Quebec,  died November 25, 1708 Batiscan, Quebec.

December 26: Montreal, birth, (III)-Cunegonde Prudhomme, Métis died October daughter (II)-Fras Xavier Prudhomme and (II)-Cecile Gervaise, Métis b-1671; married January 7, 1721, Montreal, (II)-Jacques Gauthier b-1691, Montreal, son (I)-Jean Gautier et Gauthier and Jeanne Petit, b-1657.



(II)-Jean Baptiste Baron b-1691 Boucherville, Quebec, died 1756 Cahokia (Illinois), son (I)-Leger Baron d-1711 and (II)-Marie Anne Baudon of Kaskaka (1703-1745);
1st married April 23, 1728 St. Joseph of Illinois Barthelemy Marie Catherine Ouekioukoue of Kaskaka (1703-1745)
    (III)-Joseph Baron Métis
    (III)-Suzanne Baron Métis 1st country married 1747 Jacques Barrois, 2nd country married 1754 Joseph Clermont
    (III)-Marguerite Baron Métis d-1758 Cahokia, country marriage 1754 Charles Quesnel
    (III)-Marie Catherine Baron Métis (1742-1742) Cahokia
2nd marriage August 18, 1748 Cahokia (Illinois) (II)-Domitilde Rolet Métis d-1755 daughter (I)-Francois Xavier Rolet
    (III)-Joseph Marie Baron Métis b-1749 Cahokia    (III)-Gabriel Baron Métis b-1752 Cahokia married 1st Marie Louise Buteau, married 2nd, 1789 Marie Hermand

(I)-Pierre Bourget married about 1691 likely Quebec (III)-Marie Jean dit Denis Métis (1676-1742)  epouse 1704 Beaumont (II)-Jacques Turgeon (1651-1728); daughter (II)-Jean Jean Métis and Genevieve Billot
    (II)-Pierre Bourget Métis b-1692 Quebec
    (II)-Elizabeth Bourget Métis b-1694 Beaumont, married 1712 Quebec, (I)-Charles Chandonne (1678-1756)
    (II)-Marie Madeleine Bourget Métis b-1699 Beaumont, married 1718 Beaumont (III)-Antoine LaCasse (1693-1766)
    (II)-Madeleine Bourget Métis married 1728 Beaumont (III)-Jean LeRoy (1699-1760)
    (II)-Jeanne Bourget Métis married 1720 Beaumont (II)-Jean Baptiste Queret dit Latulippe b-1700

(II)-Louis Forget Métis b-1668 son (I)-Nicolas Froget dit Despatis (1620-1680) and (II)-Madeleine Martin Métis b-1640; married about 1691 (II)-Elizabeth Ethier
    (III)-Charles Forget Métis (1698-1698) Repentigny
    (III)-Francois Forget Métis (1698-1698) Repentigny
    (III)-Babe Forget Métis b-1699 Repentigny
    (III)-Generieve Forget Métis b-1701 Repentigny d-1703 St Francois, IIe Jesus
    (III)-Alexandre Forget Métis d-1692 Montreal
    (III)-Louis Forget Métis b-1704 St Francois d-1730 Lachenaie
    (III)-Jean Francois Forget Métis b-1706 St Francois married 1734 St Francois (II)-Marguerite Louise Noel dit Labonte
    (III)-Marie Catherine Forget Métis b-1708 St Francois
    (III)-Agathe Forget Métis b-1710 St Francois married 1733 Lachenaie (IV)-Pierre Archambault
    (III)-Jacques Forget Métis married 1712 Lachenaie (III)-Marie Charbonneau b-1696
    (III)-Elazabeth Forget Métis married 1712 St Francois (III)-Auguste Hubout et Hubou dit Tourville (1690-1762
    (III)-Genevieve Forget Métis (1712-1714) St Francois
    (III)-Marie Forget Métis married 1714 St Francois

(II)-Ignace Lienard Sieur Durbois dit Boiajoly Métis b-1665 son (I)-Sebastien Lienard (1628-1701) and (II)-Francoise Pelletier Métis (1642-1707); married about 1691 (II)-Marie Anne Leduc(1671-1744)
    (III)-Marie Charlotte Lienard Métis (1702-1775) Pointe-aux-Trembles
    (III)-Louis Joseph Lienard Métis (1707-1759) Pointe-aux-Trembles marriage 1732 Pointe-aux-Trembles (III)-Marie Anne Sylvestre b-1716
    (III)-Toussaint Lienard Métis (1708-1777) Pointe-aux-Trembles marriage 1749 Pointe-aux-Trembles (III)-Marie Angelique Auge b-1722

(II)-Pierre Le Moyner sieur d'Iberville (1661-1706) is in the Bay of the North (Hudson Bay).

(III)-Pierre D'Azy Mius, Métis, b-1691, Acadia son (II)-Philippe Mius, b-1660 and Marie Mi'Kmag.

The mission St. Augustin de la Province de Quebec is established this year. The mission St. Augustin de la Province de Quebec is established this year.

The English asked the Iroquois to keep the French in perpetual alarm.

Monseigneur of Saint Vallier, bishop of Quebec, forbid the people to dance.

The Coureurs des Boise are spending 2-3 years in the woods, traveling everywhere.

Fort La Chine (Lachine), also known as Fort Remy, is established nine miles above Fort Ville-Marie (Montreal) at the head of the Lachine rapids.

A plague of caterpillars destroyed the crop this year, and the colony is besieged with a plague of squirrels that soon found their way to the tables of the hungry settlers. New France is perishing by inches, so wrote (I)-Louis de Baud Count of Frontenac (1620-1698), the Huguenot.

Birth (III)-Pierre Pelletier, Métis, b-1691died February 7, 1757 Berthier en Haut son (II)-Francois Pelletier, Métis and Marguerite Morisseau.

(I)-Joseph Chevalier Robineau de Villebon (1655-1700) brother Menneval had obtained permission from King Louis XIV to make Acadia French, and he was made Governor (1690-1700). Acadia included Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and most of Maine. The English set the southern boundary at the St. Croix River and the French at the Kennebec River. The population was one thousand, mostly at Port Royal with its Fort and ninety houses. The Bay of Fundy had the settlements of Beaubassin and Les Minas. However, no one Country really dominated this land.

(I)-Joseph Chevalier Robineau de Villebon (1655-1700) sailed to Port Royal to a welcomed surrender. Crossing to St. John river, upstream to Naxouat, across the river from present-day Fredericton, New Brunswick, and built Fort Naxouat (Jemseg). He believed this was easier to defend than Port Royal. His instructions are to engage the Natives in continuous war with the English. Father Louis Pierre Thury, (1644-1699), an English missionary trained in Fort Quebec, is a zealot who firmly believed the English were enemies of God. He instructed the Natives to attack the English, since this is the sure road to Divine favor. Port Royal is attacked by pirates.

New France Intendant, Champigny, reported that most who work their lands are rich or, at very least, very comfortable; having good fishing close to their homes and a goodly number of cattle in pasture.

Death, (II)-Ignace Durand, Métis, born likely Sillery, died November 30, 1697 Cap St. Ignace, son (I)-Jean Durand (1640-1671) and Catherine Annennontak, Huronne B-1649.

(II)-Ignace Durand, Métis b-1669, died November 30, 1670?, Cap St. Ignace, Quebec, son (I)-Jean Durand (1640-1671) and Catherine Annennontank, Huronne b-1649; married February 24, 1691 Catherine Miville.

January 10: Levis marriage (I)-Pierre Bourgiet dit Lavallee, to (II)-Marie Jean dit Denis Métis epouse 1704 Beaumont Jacques Turgeon daughter (I)-Vivien Jean (1618-1708) and Isabelle Drouet dit Deoit Métis OR (II)-Jean Jean dit Denis Métis married 1671 Genevieve Billot Métis OR (II)-Jean Jean Métis b-1651 married November 29, 1671 Catherine Gateau b-1651 
    (II)-Pierre Bourgiet Métis married 1722 Levis Marie Francoise Guay 

January 21: St Thomas marriage (III)-Jacques Couillard dit Desprite Métis (1665-1737) son (II)-Louis Couillard Métis b-1629 and (II)-Genevieve Despres (1639-1706); married (II)-Elisabeth Lemieux Métis (1672-1739 daughter (I)-Guillaume Lemieux b-1648 and (II)-Elizabeth Langlois Métis (1635-1669)
    (IV)-Marie Couillard Métis b-1692 St Thomas married 1711 Quebec Francois Chobet et Choret?
    (IV)-Elizabeth Couillard Métis (1694-1771) St Thomas married 1716 St Thomas (II)-Bernard Damours (1667-1749)
   (IV)-Jacques Couillard Métis (1696-1744) St Thomas 1st married 1723 St Thomas (III)-Louise Boule (1699-1729), 2nd married 1731 Chateau Richer (IV)-Veronique Belanger (1704-1748)
    (IV)-Marthe Couillard Métis (1698-1757) St Thomas married 1716 St Thomas (IV)-Pierre Belanger (1692-1757)
    (IV)-Augustin Francois Couillard Métis (1700-1721) St Thomas
   (IV)-Joseph  Couillard Métis (1701-1761) St Thomas 1st married 1733 I'Islet (III)-Marie Genevieve Caron (1716-1745), 2nd married 1746 St Thomas (III)-Elisabeth Blanchet
    (IV)-Louise Angelique Couillard Dame de St Luc Métis (1704-1755) St Thomas married 1736 St Thomas (III)-Rene Louis Damours (1700-1759)
    (IV)-Jean Baptiste Couillard dit Despres Métis (1705-1743) St Thomas married 1731 Islet (IV)-Reine Carbon b-1711
    (IV)-Louis  Couillard Métis (1707-1710) St Thomas
    (IV)-Marie Madeleine Couillard Métis b-1710 St Thomas married 1728 St Thomas (III)-Charles Couillard Métis (1695-1749)
    (IV)-Clement Couillard Métis b-1712 St Thomas married 1738 St Thomas (II)-Catherine Deneau (1720-1764)
    (IV)-Louis Couillard Métis (1714-1733) St Thomas 

February 16: Monsignor of Saint Vallier, Bishop of Quebec urges the confessors to keep the parishioners away from popular dances, which are gatherings of iniquity.

February 17: Sorel, birth (IV)-Jean Francois Pelletier, Métis  son (III)-Francois Pelletier Métis (1663-1692) killed by the Iroquois and  (II)-Genevieve Le Tendre; married August 17, 1691, Quebec, Catherine Arnaul

February 24: Quebec marriage (II)-Ignace Durant (1699-1697) Métis son (I)-Jean Durant (1640-1671) and Catherine Annennontak (Huronne) b-1649; married (II)-Marie Catherine Miville daughter (I)-Jacques Miville, epouse September 16, 1701 Quebec, Jean Soulard.
    (III)-Anonyme Durant Métis (1691-1691) Montreal

February 26: Quebec marriage (II)-Jacques Gourdeau to (II)-Marie Bissot Métis b-1657 d-1719 Quebec widow of (I)-Claude Portier (1652-1689)
    (III)-Pierre Jacques Gourdeau Métis b-1693 Quebec, d-1746 St Pierre, 1st married 1728 Quebec (III)-Louis Demosny (1705-1731), 2nd married 1733 Quebec (II)-Marguerite Barbel b-1711
    (III)-Marie Genevieve Gourdeau Métis (1694-1695) Quebec
    (III)-Marie Anne Gourdeau Métis b-1696 Quebec married Nicolas Francois Langlois
    (III)-Nicolas Gourdeau Métis (1698-1698) Beauport
    (III)-Pierre Gourdeau Métis b-1699 Quebec
    (III)-Joseph Gourdeau Métis (1700-1702) Beauport
    (III)-Pierre Jacques Gourdeau Métis married 1733 Quebec (II)-Marguerite Barbel b-1711

March 28: Cap St. Ignace, birth/death (III)-Anonyme Fournier Métis son (II)-Joseph Fournier Métis b-1662 and Barbe Girard.

April: The King of France based on a proposal by the Company of the North, authorized (I)-Louis de Buade, Compte de Frontenac Governor (1689-98) to take Fort Nelson. The Company of the North led by d'Iberville shall use the ship Hazardeux commanded by Sieur Tast.

April 7: Joseph Robinau de Villebon (1655-1700) is appointed commandant of Acadia (1691-1700). En route to Avadia, a Boston vessel was captured, and Colonel Edward Tyng (1649-1691), British Governor of Acadia (Nova Scotia), was captured. He died in captivity in France.

April 26: Quebec, birth (II)-Madeleine Gatien, died December 11, 1749, Quebec. daughter (I)-Pierre Gaten b-1659 and (III)-Genevieve Pinguet, Métis (1665-1702): 1st married November 10, 1710, Quebec (I)-Jean Marchesseau dit Laramee; 2nd married January 20, 1737, Quebec (I)-Christophe Dubois.

May 12: Intendant Jean Bochart de Champigny wrote: It is regrettable that our vigorous, never-tiring Canadian youth are attracted to nothing but these kinds of journeys, where they live in the woods like savages, spending two or three years without receiving the sacraments, in idleness and often extraordinary misery. Once accustomed to this life, they find it hard to dedicate themselves to cultivating the land, and they live in extreme poverty, because they spend much upon their return. On the other hand, those who settle and add value to the land are rich, or, at least, live very comfortably with their fields and fish ponds around their houses, as well as considerable numbers of cattle. There will be a lack of Frenchmen to settle the country as most children spend all their time in journeys, a situation that is not consequential to any measure of sternness.  

May 13: Riviere Ouelle marriage (II)-Mathurin Dube to (III)-Anne Miville Métis b-1673 Quebec d-1717 Ste Anne de la Pocatiere daughter (II)-Francois Miville  and (II)-Marie Langlois Métis d-1687
    (III)-Augustin Dube Métis b-1695 Riviere Ouelle married 1721 Ste Anne de la Pocatiere (III)-Marie Anne Soucy (1700-1785)
    (III)-Marie Gerirude Dube Métis b-1702  Riviere Ouelle married 1721 Ste Anne de la Pocatiere (II)-Francois Dutartre et Dutertre (1698-1757
    (III)-Marie Charlotte Dube Métis b-1696 Riviere Ouelle married 1722 Ste Anne de la Pocatiere (II)-Pierre Morin b-1698
    (III)-Marie Anne Dube Métis (1692-1692) Riviere Ouelle
    (III)-Marie Anne Dube Métis b-1693 Riviere Ouelle married 1712 Ste Anne de la Pocatiere (II)-Jean Baptiste Grondin (1683-1723)
    (III)-Joseph Dube Métis (1699-1699) Riviere Ouelle
    (III)-Marie Angelique Dube Métis b-1701 Riviere Ouelle
    (III)-Mathurin Dube Métis b-1704 Riviere Ouelle
    (III)-Jean Francois Dube Métis b-1706 Riviere Ouelle
    (III)-Joseph Dube Métis b-1707 Riviere Ouelle
    (III)-Marie Jeanne Dube Métis b-1710 Riviere Ouelle
    (III)-Jean Baptiste Dube Métis b-1712 Riviere Ouelle
    (III)-Marie Josette Dube Métis b-1713 Riviere Ouelle married 1739 Ste Anne de la Pocatiere (III)-Bernard Mignier dit Lagaco (1714-1764)

May 16, Quebec, birth (II)-Marie Angelique Beriau Métis died October 24, 1731 Quebec, daughter (I)-Jean Vincent Beriau.(1653-1715) and (II)-Marie Cordeau, Métis b-1660; married 1st November 9, 1720 Quebec, Elie Lafarge; married 2nd February 23, 1727, Quebec, Thomas Castillon

April: Pointe-aux-Trembles is attacked, with thirty homes being burned. In retaliation, at Repentigny; a few miles down river, forty or more Iroquois are discovered sleeping and are killed. The captives are burned at the stake in Repentigny, Pointe-aux-Trembles and Boucherville by the French. As a result, the Iroquois would not keep up the attacks unless the English joined in.

June 27: Pointe-aux-Trembles de Quebec birth (III)-Jean Francois Normandin Métis son (II)-Daniel Normandin, Métis d-1729 and Louise Hayott b-1664 

July 1: Quebec marriage (IV)-Jean Baptiste Lemoyne et Lemoine to (III)-Marie Elizabeth Guyon Métis b-1671 daughter (II)-Michel Guyon Métis and (II)-Genevieve Marsolet d-1702
    (V)-Jacques Lemoyne Métis 1692 Montreal married 1716 Ste Anne du Boutde I'lle (III)-Marie Angelique Guillet b-1693

July 19: Ville-Marie (Montreal), birth (II)-Urbain Lefebvre, Métis, died March 9, 1729 Repentigny, son (I)-Jean Baptiste Lefebvre (1651-1715) and (II)-Cunegonde Gervaise, Métis, (1657-1724): married May 17, 1716 Batiscan (III)-Louise Catherine Rivard dit Langouette, b-1695 died February 16, 1775 Repentigny, daughter (II)-Pierre Rivard.

August: Major Schuyler, with a force of one hundred and fifty English and Dutch from Albany and fifty Iroquois, set out to attack Fort Ville-Marie (Montreal) or rather, La Prairie. La Prairie, however, is defended by one thousand eight hundred men. Schuyler escaped the attack with his life but lost most of his men.

August 15: Sorel, birth (IV)-Jean Francois Métis son (III)-Francois Pelletier, Métis b-1663  and (II)-Margurite Madeleine Morisseau, epouse January 9, 1698 Montreal Pierre Maillet; Married March 25, 1718 Detroit Marie Robert. Jeans descendants are in the Strait and Munro on Lake Erie.

August 27: Pointe-aux-Trembles (II)-Nicolas Millet dit Beausseron and his 1st wife (II)-Catherine Chaperon who died January 9, 1695 were captured by the Iroquois August 27 and returned September 4, 1691.

September 22: Montreal, birth (III)-Marie Francoise Lemaitre-Auger, b-1691 Métis daughter (II)-Charles Lemaitre and (III)-Madeleine Crevier, de Bellerive Métis; married February 9, 1711 Trois Rivieres, (II)-Charles Paillier et Paille (1683-1758)

October 29: La Cote St Laurent, death Denise Lemaistre, killed by the Iroquois, widow of Pierre Peras and (I)-Francois Cahel (1642-1687).

November 5: St Pierre marriage (III)-Rene Pelletier Métis (1659-1713 son (II)-Jean Pelletier d-1698 and (II)-Anne Langlois Métis (1637-1704)
1st married 1691 St Pierre (II)-Marie Madeleine Leclerc (1672-1702)
    (IV)-Jean Pelletier (1692-1728) St Pierre 1st married 1714 St Pierre (III)-Marie Charlotte Gosselin (1693-1728); 2nd married 1715 St Pierre (II)-Ursule Frelan b-1695
    (IV)-Marie Madeleine Pelletier b-1694 St Pierre married 1710 St Pierre (II)-Jacques Destroismaisons dit Picard (1688-1756)
    (IV)-Louise Pelletier b-1696 St Pierre married about 1720 (III)-Joseph Lavergne dit Renault b-1696
    (IV)-Pierre Pelletier b-1700 St Pierre married 1722 St Thomas (III)-Elisabeth Lavergne
    (IV)-Genevieve Pelletier (1702-1703) St Pierre
2nd marriage 1703 St Laurent (II)-Marie Jeanne Godbout (1665-1732)
    (IV)-Marie Charlotte Pelletier (1704-1705) St Pierre
    (IV)-Marguerite Pelletier (1706-1709) St Pierre
    (IV)-Louis Pelletier b-1709 St Pierre 1st married about 1733 Marie Destroismaisons dit Picard (1714-1761); 2nd married 1763 St Vincent de Paul (IV)-Marie Joseph Brunet

November 12: St Pierre, marriage (II)-Simon Fournier Métis b-1667 son (I)-Guillaume Fournier (1619-1699) and (III)-Francoise Hebert Métis b-1638; married (II)-Anne Catherine Rousseau b-1668, d-1749 St Pierre du Sud daughter (I)-Thomas Rousseau
     (III)-Catherine Fournier Métis (1692-1760) St Thomas married 1709 St Thomas, Pierre Bouchard
     (III)-Marie Madeleine Fournier Métis b-1694 St Thomas married Etienne Fontaine
     (III)-Jean Fournier Métis b-1696 St Thomas married Marie Talbot
     (IV)-Simon Fournier Métis married 1751 St Thomas, Elisabeth Tibaut
     (III)-Genevieve Fournier Métis b-1698 St Thomas married Pierre Gagne
     (III)-Marthe Fournier Métis b-1699 St Thomas married Jean Ruel
     (III)-Simon Fournier Métis b-1702 St Thomas married (II)-Marie Marthe Bouchard b-1704 daughter (I)-Nicolas Bouchard and epouse 1732 Charles Picard
     (IV)-Brigitte Fournier Métis married 1749, St Pierre du Sud, Pierre Buteau
     (III)-Angelle Fournier Métis b-1704 St Thomas
     (III)-Marie Anne Fournier Métis b-1707 St Thomas married 1st. Francois Bouffard, married 2nd 1748 St. Laurent, Alexis Coutre
     (III)-Anonyme Fournier Métis (1709-1709)
    (III)-Joseph Fournier Métis b-1710 St Thomas married 1st. 1732 St Thomas, (II)-Angelique Ruel,b-1704 married 2nd (III)-Dorthee Plante b-1706 daughter (II)-Claude Plante
     (III)-Rosalie Fournier Métis b-1712 St Thomas 

November 19: Pointe-aux-Trembles, marriage (II)-Daniel Jean DeNevers Métis (1656-1729) son (I)-Etienne DeNevers b-1622 and (II)-Anne Hayot b-1640
    (III)-Marguerite DeNevers Métis 1st married 1723 Repentigny (II)-Mathurin Pineau (1676-1745), 2nd marriage 1748 Montreal (I)-Jean Baptiste Leduc dit Frappe d'Abord

November 20: Quebec marriage (II)-Charles Normand (1663-1715)
1st married (II)-Marie Madeleine Dionne (1667-1702)
2nd marriage (II)-Fransise Monnique Jean dit Denis daughter (I)-Denis Jean dit St. Onge and (II)-Marie Peltier Métis
    (III)-Marie Anne Normand (LeNormand) Métis b-1706, married 1727 Montreal (III)-Phillippe Delisle (1702-1768)
    (III)-Jean Gaspard Joseph Normand Métis b-1712 Quebec married 1734 Bout-de-l'Île Marie Joseph Chenier
    (III)-Jeanne Normand Métis b-1714 Quebec, d-1717 Pointe-aux-Trembles
    (III)-Marie Joseph Normand (LeNormand) Métis b-1715 Quebec, married 1735 Pointe-aux-Trembles, (III)-Jacques Goulet b-1706

November 26: Quebec marriage (I)-Jean Etienne Dubreuil (1664-1734)
1st married (II)-Marguerite Le Gardeur Métis d-1702 daughter (I)-Michel Le Gardeur dit Sansoucy Métis b-1636 and Marguerite Gamier b-1641
    (II)-Marguerite Dubreuil Métis b-1693 Quebec married 1711 Ste Foye (III)-Jean Hamel (1682-1755)
    (II)-Marie Ursule Dubreuil Métis (1695-1714) Quebec
    (II)-Louise Gabrielle Dubreuil Métis b-1697 d-1722 Quebec, married 1717 Quebec  (II)-Michel Voyer b-1686
    (II)-Marie Anne Dubreuil Métis (1688-1739) Quebec married 1724 Quebec (III)-Joseph Simson (1701-1761)
   (II)-Jean Etienne Dubreuil Métis (1700-1742) Quebec 1st married 1726 (II)-Charlotte Janis et Jarry (1707-1742); 2nd married 1735 Quebec (II)-Charlotte Giroux (1705-1737; 3rd marriage 1738 L'Ange Gardien (IV)-Felicite Vesna b-1712
2nd marriage 1703 Quebec (II)-Marie Anne Chevalier d-1711
3rd married 1713 Lorette (II)-Marie Jeanne Routier d-1737

November 29: Montreal death Barbe Atontinon an Iroquoise (1656-1691) 

December 7: Montreal, birth (III)-Jean Goguet, Métis, son (II)-Pierre Goguet and (II)-Anne Charron, Métis, b-1670 daughter,  (I)-Pierre Charron (1640-1700) and Catherine Pilliar ou Pilet-Pillard, Métis, b-1651?.

December 26: Quebec, birth (II)-Pierre Etienne Bodin, Métis son (I)-Pierre Bodin b-1641 and (III)-Angelique Pinguet, Métis b-1672.



The missions Beaumont & Lotbiniere de la Province de Quebec is established this year.

Pierre Celestin Negre b-1668 Madagascar living with Pierre LeBar, a marchant in 1692 Montreal

Louis Negre b-1666 Madagascar living with M. Dupre, a marchant in 1692 Montreal

Acadia, birth Pierre Cellier dit Charet Métis the younger son Unknown Cellier dit Charet (Memcharet)d-1708 married 1682, Acadia, Marie Amerindien.b-1663, died March 7, 1727, Port Royal, Acadia; married Madeleine Ouaouamintetces 

Marie Madeleine Jarret Tarieu (1678-1747) at Vercheres, Quebec when only age 14 took up defense of her fathers fort with only two soldiers plus women and children. About 45 Iroquois were attacking the fort. She immediately ordered one gun be placed in each opening. They marched back and forth firing the guns at random. All women were trained in loading the guns. Fires were lit to give the illusion of a well armed fort. They held the fort against the Iroquois for 8 days. She later married Pierre Thomas Tarieu De La Naudiere and had 5 children

New France was losing the War until they adopted the hit and run tactics of the Iroquois. The French took over one hundred Iroquois scalps, thirty prisoners and eleven women and children.

Charles Claude de Villieu, with the help of Father Louis Pierre Thury, (1644-1699); an English missionary, approached Oyster River, twelve miles from Portsmouth where Duram now stands, and attacked; killing one hundred and four mostly women and children and taking twenty seven prisoners. The band broke up into smaller groups, and one group attacked Groton with forty dead. Villieu is pleased, as he said not even infants in the cradle are spared. There was also a contingent of twenty French headed by Governor Villebon's brother, Portneuf, that headed for the village of Wells; which was about the same size as York. Wells, however, is prepared for war when the four hundred-man force attacked. The greatly outnumbered defenders caused the attackers to withdraw in total failure.

De Villebon built Fort Saint Joseph up the St. John River.

Caterpillars destroyed most of the crop in New France this year.

(I)-Louis de Baud, Count of Frontenac (1620-1698)- the Huguenot, is sending voyageurs to the Ottawa and Wendat with military supplies, but these men are trading for furs under their own account. These same voyageurs turned Coureurs des Bois and are trading into Dakota and Assiniboine country.

January: Father Louis Pierre Thury, (1644-1699), an English missionary, led one hundred and fifty of his trusted Abnaki converts into the forest at Kennebec where they met another group of Natives who agreed to join in for plunder.

January 8: Levis marriage (II)-Jean Francois Dusault et Dussault dit Lafleur Métis son (I)-Elie Dusceau dit Lafleur b-1636 and (II)-Euphraise Madeleine Nicolet Métis b-1628 New France; married (II)-Marie Madeleine Bourassa
    (III)-Anne Dusault Métis b-1693 Levis married 1717 (II)-Pierre Triboutot b-1687
    (III)-Pierre Dusault Métis b-1694 Quebec married (II)-Genevieve Huard b-1692
    (III)-Marguerite Dusault Métis b-1699 Quebec
    (III)-Jean Baptiste Dusault Métis (1700-1700) Levis
    (III)-Madeleine Dusault Métis b-1701 Levis married (III)-Francois Xavier Couture dit Lacressonniere (1708-1757)
    (III)-John Dusault Métis d-1750 Levis married 1728 Levis (III)-Angelique Huard (1704-1757)
    (III)-Ignace Baptiste Dusault Métis (1709-1711) Levis
    (III)-Jean Baptiste Dusault Métis b-1711 Levis
    (III)-Marie Josette Dusault Métis (1714-1714) Levis
    (III)-Francois Dusault Métis

January 14: Chateau Richer marriage (II)-Richard Marette d-1708
1st married (III)-Angelique Guyon Métis d-1694 daughter (II)-Simon Guyon Métis d-1682 and (II)-Louise Racine
    (II)-Marie Angelique Marette Métis b-1693 Chateau Richer
    (II)-Charles Marette Métis b-1698 Chateau Richer, 1st married 1723 Chateau Richer (III)-Marguerite Doyon (1706-1723); 2nd married 1725 Sorel (II)-Marie Madeleine Baillargeon b-1704
    (II)-Marguerite Marette Métis b-1694, married 1709 Chateau Richer (II)-Mathurin Guilmot (1690-1752)
2nd marriage 1694 Chatean Richer (IV)-Marie Mageleine Cloutier

January 25: Marie Risheoth born January 8, 1660 York daughter Edouard Rishwoth, English from Lincoln and Suzanne Wilright; captured January 25, 1692 along with Genevieve and Marie Joseph Sayer; 1st married Guillaume Sayer; 2nd marriage Jacques Pleisted.

January 28: St Pierre marriage (III)-Jean Francois Langlois Métis (1667-1715) son (II)-Jean Langlois dit Boisverdun Métis d-1687 and (II)-Francoise Charlotte Belanger
1st married (II)-Genevieve Rousseau b-1671
    (IV)-Jean Francois Langlois Métis (1692-1692) St Pierre
    (IV)-Louis  Langlois Métis (1693-1714) St Thomas
    (IV)-Marie Louise Langlois Métis b-1696 St Thomas married (III)-Pierre Boule b-1691
    (IV)-Jean Langlois Métis (1698-1698) St Pierre
    (IV)-Anonyme Langlois Métis (1699-1699) St Pierre
    (IV)-Genevieve Langlois Métis (1701-1772) St Thomas married (III)-Nicolas Fournier (1690-1749)
    (IV)-Charlotte Langlois Métis (1703-1703) St Pierre
    (IV)-Jean Baptiste Langlois Métis (1705-1705) St Pierre
2nd marriage 1709 St Thomas (II)-Charlotte Laplante d-1714
    (IV)-Louise Charlotte Langlois Métis (1710-1714) St Thomas
    (IV)-Jean Langlois Métis b-1711 St Thomas
    (IV)-Marguerite Langlois Métis b-1714 St Thomas married 1731 St Thomas (III)-Joseph Fournier b-1702
    (IV)-Jean Francois Langlois Métis married 1737 Quebec (III)-Marie Bernardine Voyer b-1720
3rd marriage 1714 St Thomas (II)-Angelique Destroismaisons b-1670, widow of Alphonse Morin

February 4: They approached the town of York with three to four hundred inhabitants. Of the hundred killed, many are women and children, and eighty are taken captive. Into June the killings continued, now involving the Micmac, Malecite and Abnaki. Father Baudoin's mission at Beaubassin, at the head of Fundy, also provided recruits.

February 24: St. Jean, birth (II)-Louis Blanchet, died August 23, 1693 St. Jean, Métis son (II)-Pierre Blanchet, b-1646 and (II)-Marie Fournier, Métis, b-1855 daughter (I)-Guillaume Fournier (1619-1699) and (III)-Francoise Hebert, Métis, b-1638    

February 24: Cap St. Ignace, birth (III)-Francois Fournier Métis died March 7, 1692 Cap St. Ignace son (II)-Joseph Fournier Métis b-1662 and Barbe Girard.

March 26: Ville-Marie (Montreal), birth, (III)-Marie Louise Tessier, Métis, daughter (II)-Jean Tessier dit Lavigue, Métis, died December 7, 1734 Ville-Marie (Montreal), and (II)-Louise Caron (1671-1703); 1st married November 18, 1709, Montreal, (II)-Paul Dumouchel (1684-1719); 2nd marriage June 8, 1722, Montreal, (II)-Jean Bouchard dit Lavallee (1697-1747).

May 24: Montreal, baptism, Pierre Celestin Negre a native of Madagascar, b-1668, a slave of Pierre Leber, a merchant.

May 24: Montreal, baptism, Louis Negre, a native of Madagascar and slave of M. Dupre  married this date,

July 13: St. Thomas, birth/death (II)-Catherine Prou Métis daughter (I)-Jean Prou (1647-1703) and (II)-Jacquette Fouenier, Métis, b-1659, Quebec daughter (I)-Guillaume Fournier (1619-1699) and (III)-Francoise Hebert, Métis, b-1638 

July 29: Quebec, baptism Jean Baptist Etchemin (sauvage) b-1620.

July 31: Ville-Marie (Montreal), birth, (III)-Anne Agnes Tessier, Métis, died March 8, 1738, Ville-Marie (Montreal), daughter (II)-Paul Tessier dit Chaumine (1651-1730) and (III)-Madeleine Cloutier (1660-1748); married February 28, 1713, Ville-Marie (Montreal) (II)-Jacques Moquin b-1681, died March 8, 1738, Ville-Marie (Montreal), son (I)-Mathurine Moquin.

August: Montreal, about 180 canoes filled with Ottawa's, Huron's (Wendat) and 250 voyageurs (coureur des bois) visited to trade furs.

August 4: Quebec, baptism Marie Ursule a Micmac (sauvage) b-1690.

August 20: Ville-Marie (Montreal), birth (II)-Charles Lefebvre dit St. Jean, Métis, daughter (I)-Jean Baptiste Lefebvre (1651-1715) and (II)-Cunegonde Gervaise, Métis, (1657-1724): married February 8, 1717 Ville-Marie (Montreal) (II)-Francoise Gaudry, b-1697 daughter (II)-Nicolas Gaudry.

October 14: Quebec, baptism Marie Madeleine de l'Acadie (sauvage).

October 22: The Iroquois attacked Ville-Marie (Montreal) which was defended by two soldiers, a fourteen year old Madeleine Jarret of Vercheres aided by her two younger brothers, an old servant and a few mothers with infants. They held the Fort for the eight day siege. The single Iroquois who chased Madeleine to the fort became a band of 45 with the telling. Gord Rainey suggests Madelaine defended her father's small fort at Vercheres against the Iroquois, not the much larger fort at Ville Marie (Montreal).

November 4, Chateau Richer, marriage Jean David to (III)-Marie Anne Prevost, Métis daughter (II)-Louis Prevost, Métis, (1651-1686), (II)-Francoise Gagnon, b-1655: Marie second marriage June 25, 1704 Clement Langlois.

November 24: Levie marriage (III)-Rene Jean Boucher d-1744 Boucherville to (II)-Francoise Claire Charest Métis d-1725 Boucherville daughter (I)-Etienne Charest (1631-1699) and (II)-Catherine Bissot Métis
    (IV)-Jeanne Boucher Métis b-1693 married 1725 Levis Augustin Roy Desjardins
    (IV)-Catherine Boucher Métis b-1696 Boucherville married 173 Levis Levis Joseph Damours
    (IV)-Rene Boucher Métis (1699-1773) Boucherville married 1728 Trois Rivieres Madeleine Godfroy de St. Paul
    (IV)-Jean Baptiste Boucher Métis b-1700 Boucherville
    (IV)-Pierre Joseph Boucher Métis b-1702 Boucherville
    (IV)-Francois Boucher Métis b-1704 Boucherville
    (IV)-Pierre Boucher Métis (1706-1708) Boucherville
    (IV)-Marie Anne Boucher Métis b-1708 Boucherville
    (IV)-Pierre Boucher Métis b-1710 Boucherville
    (IV)-Marie Angelique Boucher Métis b-1711 Boucherville
    (IV)-Claude Boucher Métis (1713-1713) Boucherville
    (IV)-Etienne Boucher Métis b-1714 Boucherville married 1744 Boucherville (II)-Marie Racicot

December 6: Sorel, birth/death (IV)-Joseph Pelletier, Métis  son (III)-Francois Pelletier Métis (1663-1692) killed by the Iroquois and  (II)-Genevieve Le Tendre




(III)-Marie Mius, Métis, b-1692/93, Acadia daughter (II)-Philippe Mius, b-1660 and Marie Mi'Kmag; married August 24, 1726, Jean Baptiste Thomas.

The missions St. Michel de la Durantaye, Varennes & Ste Anne de la Perade de la Province de Quebec is established this year.

Jean Baptiste Baruc, Anglas, born May 6, 1673, Corlar, baptised September 8, 1693, Ville-Marie (Montreal), a prisoner February 1690, son of a monk or brother in the service of Marie Anne Migeon and Francais, likely a savagesse.

(I)-Louis de Baud, Count of Frontenac (1620-1698), the Huguenot, following the strategy of the Jesuit,decided to widen the breach between the Christian and Non-Christian Mohawk. He commissioned Nicholas d'Ailleboust de Mantet (1663-1709), Courtemanche and Le Noue with one hundred soldiers and Christian Caughnawaga Natives drawn from all missions in the colony, making a force of six hundred and twenty five men. The plan is to use the Christian Mohawk from the mission of Sault Saint Louis or Caughnawaga, across the river from Lachine, to kill their relatives. Three Mohawk villages are attacked in Northern New York, with twenty to thirty being killed and three hundred captured. The hidden strategy is to immediately kill all their male captives. However, the Christian natives would have none of it. Peter Schuyler and a band of Mohawk arrived to do battle and, being joined by the Oneida, they made an equal force. The Christian Natives are showing signs of decamping, having had enough of this fruitless venture. Father Guy and other priests stood before their converts saying, "What are you afraid of?  We are fighting infidels who have nothing human but the shape."  The French retreated with their prisoners and threatened to kill them if pursued, and the infidel Iroquois withdrew from the encounter. This action, however, convinced the northern tribes and voyagers to open trading after three years of slow trade down the St. Lawrence.

(III)-Rene Godfroy Métis (1669-1738) Sieur de Tonnancour in 1691 and couseiller of the King and Lieutatenant General 1717; married (II)-Marguerite Ameau
    (IV)-Marguerite Renee Godfroy Métis b-1694 Trois Rivieres
    (IV)-Madeleine Suzanne Godfroy Métis b-1696 Trois Rivieres
    (IV)-Antoine Charles Godfroy Métis b-1698 Trois Rivieres d-1757 Quebec ordained 1723
    (IV)-Marie Genevieve  Godfroy Métis b-1700 Trois Rivieres
    (IV)-Francois Godfroy Métis (1702-1703) Trois Rivieres
    (IV)-Francois Godfroy Métis (1704-1708) Trois Rivieres
    (IV)-Louise Godfroy Métis b-1706 Trois Rivieres married 1728 Trois Rivieres (II)-Jean Baptiste Ramezay b-1708
    (IV)-Anne Ursule Godfroy Métis (1708-1708) Trois Rivieres
    (IV)-Louis Joseph Godfroy Métis b-1712 Trois Rivieres 1st married 1740 Trois Rivieres Marie Seamen b-1711 d-1746 Trois Rivieres, 2nd married Marie Dandalouise Tanguay says 2nd marriage 1749 (II)-Louise Carrerot
    (IV)-Joachim Jachim Godfroy Métis b-1714 Trois Rivieres Sieur de Labadie
    (IV)-Ursule Godfroy Métis married 1732  Trois Rivieres Louis Charly

Birth (III)-Joseph Lefebvre, Métis, died August 3, 1754, Baie du Febvre son (II)-Jacques Lefervre, Métis, seigneur de la Baie St. Antoine, (1647-1720), and Jeanne Aunois, savage/Métis b-1621 of the Indian Nation, died February 11, 1697, Trois Rivieres; married 1st november 10, 1727, Baie du Febvre, Genevieve Disy; 2nd marriage July 23, 1731, Catherine Messier

Antoinette Le Grand gave birth to Pierre an illegitimate in Montreal, father is unknown. She married Nicolas Preunior.

(I)-Pierre You et Yon dit Guyon Sieur De la Decouverte b-1658 d-1718 Montreal
1st married about 1693 Elisabeth Sauvagesse a Miami
    (II)-Marie Anne You et Yon dit Ladecouverte Métis b-1694 married 1718 Montreal (II)-Jean Richard b-1682 interprete son (I)-Guillaume Richard
    (II)-Francois Madeleine You Métis b-1700 married 1722 Montreal (II)-Marie Marguerite Dufros De la Jemerais (1701-1771)
2nd marriage about 1705 Madeleine Juste b-1662 epouse 1685 Montreal Jean Jerome LeGuay
    (II)-Louise You (1706-1728) Montreal
    (II)-Marie Catherine You b-1708 Montreal

(I)-Pierre You dit Decouverte (1658-1718)
1st married about 1693 Elisabeth Sauvagesse of Miami
    (II)-Marie Anne You et Yon dit Ladecouverte Métis b-1694 married 1718 Montreal (II)-Jean Baptiste Richard b-1681
2nd married Madeleine Juste
    (II)-Louise You (1706-1728) Montreal
    (II)-Marie Catherine You b-1708 Montreal

One hundred and ninety thousand livres are spent fortifying Fort Quebec and next year, seven hundred and fifty thousand would be spent on conscripting every able bodied man for twenty miles around Fort Quebec, and paying for the growing numbers of soldiers. Upgrading of defenses is also taking place in Three Rivers and Ville-Marie (Montreal). Sporadic attacks and reprisals with the Iroquois continued, as did the burnings at the stake in Forts Ville-Marie (Montreal) and Quebec. The Jesuit wrote, "Seen the burning of an Iroquois without feeling sure that he is on the path to paradise; and we never knew one of them to be surely on the path to paradise without seeing him pass through this fiery punishment."  The Canadian version of the only good Indian is a (baptized) dead Indian.

The Roman Catholic hierarchy was apposed to public theatrical performance in Quebec, and this belief reached its pinnacle in 1693/94 when Bishop Saint Vallier bribed Governor Frontenac not to allow the staging of Moliere Tartuffe; famous for its attack on religious hypocrisy. As a result, no Native theatrical tradition existed during the French regime.

The Seminary of St. Sulprice claimed and received full Feudal Property Rights of administration "high and low justice" on their domain. They also obtained the privilege of nominating the first Royal Judge. This is noteworthy, as this presidency can be expanded to 1/4 of New France which is under religious control. This is a common Roman tactic which has been used by the Church for centuries.

January 6: Pointe-aux-Trembles marriage (II)-Robert Janot dit Lachapelle (1662-1723) to (II)-Anne Therese Langlois b-1669 Métis daughter (I)-Honore Langlois dit Lachapelle b-1632 and Marie Pontonnier Métis b-1646
    (III)-Pierre Janot Métis (1693-1694) Pointe-aux-Trembles
    (III)-Marie Francoise Janot Métis b-1695 Pointe-aux-Trembles married 1714 (II)-Francois Vinet dit Souligny (1683-1748)
    (III)-Jean Baptiste Janot Métis b-1697 Pointe-aux-Trembles married 1717 (III)-Marie Catherine Millet b-1696
    (III)-Marie Charlotte Janot Métis b-1700 Repentigny d-1781 Lachenayemarried 1724 Pointe-aux-Trembles (II)-Louis Daunay (1690-1753)
    (III)-Marie Barbe Janot Métis b-1702 Pointe-aux-Trembles married 1723  Pointe-aux-Trembles (III-Jean Millet b-1700
    (III)-Joseph Janot Métis (1714-1734) Pointe-aux-Trembles

January 22: Beauport, birth (III)-Marie Genevieve Giroux, Métis, daughter (II)-Michel Giroux (1661-1715) Beauport and (II)-Marie Therese Provost, Métis (1665,-1743): married November 22, 1712, Beauport, Francois Tardif

January 31: Montreal, birth, (III)-Catherine Prudhomme, Métis died April 16, 1774, Montreal  daughter (II)-Fras Xavier Prudhomme and (II)-Cecile Gervaise, Métis b-1671; married July 27, 1718, Montreal (III)-Pierre Lamy, b-1692 son (II)-Pierre Lamy, b-1725 and Elizabeth Coltret, d-1770.

January 31: Cap St. Ignace, birth/death (III)-Anonyme Fournier Métis child (II)-Joseph Fournier Métis b-1662 and Barbe Girard.

February 16: Repentigny, birth (II)-Madeleine Fonteneau, daughter (I)-Jean Baptiste Fonteneau dit St. Jean, b-1650 and (II)-Madeleine Martin, Métis, b-1640,

March 21: Champlain, birth (III)-Marie Josetle Desrosiers, Métis, died February 29, 1696 Champlain, daughter (II)-Michel Desrosiers b-1652 and (II)-Marie Jeanne Artaut, Métis 

April 11: Batiscan, birth (II)-Jean Cadau et Cadot, Métis, died November 6, 1743 Batiscan, son (I)-Mathurn Cadotte, Cadau alias Poitevin (1649-1729) and (II)-Marie Catherine Durand, Métis, born June 4, 1666 Cap Rouge (Sillery), Quebec,  died November 25, 1708 Batiscan, Quebec; 1st Married November 20, 1721 Batiscan (II)-Marie Josette Proteau (1701-1731); 2nd marriage August 10, 1734 Batiscan, Marie Rivard.

May 4: Quebec, baptism Marie Joseph a Huronne (sauvage).

June 3: Montreal, birth (II)-Raymond Chagnon. Métis, son (I)-Francois Chagnon (1645-1693 and (II)-Catherine Charon, Métis, born September 29, 1686 Montreal:

June 24: Quebec, baptism Marie Francoise (sauvage).

June 24: Quebec, baptism Louise Francoise (sauvage).

July 7: Quebec, birth (II)-Marie Madeleine Gatien, Métis, died December 13, 1694, Quebec daughter (I)-Pierre Gaten b-1659 and (III)-Genevieve Pinguet, Métis (1665-1702).

July 27: Pointe-aux-Trembles de Ville-Marie (Montreal), marriage (II)-Nicolas Gervaise, Métis, (1666-1750), son, (I)Jean Gervaise (1621-1690), and (II)-Anne Archambault, Métis (1621- 1699); married, (II)-Madeleine Peyet, b-1677 daughter (I)-Pierre Payet.

August 4: Two hundred canoes of furs, from the west, arrived in Ville-Marie (Montreal).

September 12: Beauport, birth (III)-Louise Catherine Langlois, Métis, daughter, (II)-Noel Langlois dit Traversy, Métis d-1693 and (II)-Genevieve Parant.: married November 26, 1714, Beauport, Jean Hoppe

September 20: St. Thomas, birth (II)-Anne Prou Métis daughter (I)-Jean Prou (1647-1703) and (II)-Jacquette Fouenier, Métis, b-1659, Quebec daughter (I)-Guillaume Fournier (1619-1699) and (III)-Francoise Hebert, Métis, b-1638 

September 29: Levis, birth (II)-Catherine Gesseron, Métis, died October 12, 1693 daughter (I)-Louis Gesseron dit Brulot b-1639 and (II)-Agathe Fournier, Métis, b-1657 

October 5: Quebec, baptism Charles Abenaquis (sauvage).

October 18: Ville-Marie (Montreal), birth/death, (III)-Joseph Gervaise, Métis son (II)-Louis Gervaise, Métis, b-1663, and (II)-Barbe Pigeon.

October 29: Ville-Marie (Montreal), marriage (II)-Charles Gervaise, Métis, born November 18, 1668, Ville-Marie (Montreal), son, (I)Jean Gervaise (1621-1690), and (II)-Anne Archambault, Métis (1621- 1699); married October 29, 1693, Ville-Marie (Montreal), Marie Boyer

November 9: Beauport marriage (III)-Jean Francois Pasquet Métis b-1671 son (II)-Maurice Pasquier et Pasquet  and (II)-Francois Forget Métis ; married (II)-Marie Marcou
    (IV)-Francois Pasquet et Paquet Métis b-1694 Quebec married 1719 Charlesbourg (III)-Anne Lemyre et Lemire b-1701
    (IV)-Jacques Pasquet et Paquet Métis (1695-1750) Quebec married 1724 Charlesbourg (II)-Marie Catherine Auclair b-1701
    (IV)-Noel Pasquet et Paquet  Métis (1697-1752) Charlesbourg married 1728 St Francois (III)-Marie Genevieve Campagna b-1702
    (IV)-Germain Pasquet et Paquet Métis b-1698 Charlesbourg married 1722 Quebec (III)-Marie Madeleine Lemarie (1690-1762)
    (IV)-Pierre Pasquet Métis b-1700 Charlesbourg 1st married 1729 Charlesbourg (II)-Suzanne Auclair (1711-1733); 2nd married 1734 Charlesbourg (III)-Marie Charlotte Renault b-1713
    (IV)-Joseph Pasquet Métis b-1702 Charlesbourg married 1740 Charlesbourg (III)-Marie Joseph Jacques b-1717
    (IV)-Marie Genevieve Pasquet Métis b-1704 Charlesbourg
    (IV)-Jean Baptiste Pasquet Métis b-1706 Charlesbourg
    (IV)-Louise Angelique Pasquet Métis b-1708 Charlesbourg marrieed 1733 (III)-Pierre Leclerc (1705-1751)
    (IV)-Louis Pasquet Métis (1709-1728) Charlesbourg
    (IV)-Ignace Angelique Pasquet Métis b-1711 Charlesbourg married 1739 St rancis (III)-Marie Anne Labelle b-1723
    (IV)-Marguerite Pasquet Métis b-1713 Charlesbourg
    (IV)-Charles Pasquet Métis (1716-1735) Charlesbourg

November 17: Montreal, birth (III)-Catherine Goguet, Métis, died September 8, 1694 Montreal, daughter (II)-Pierre Goguet and (II)-Anne Charron, Métis, b-1670 daughter,  (I)-Pierre Charron (1640-1700) and Catherine Pilliar ou Pilet-Pillard, Métis, b-1651?.

December 9: Sorel, marriage (II)-Etienne Volant, Métis, born October 29, 1664 Trois Rivieres to (II)-Genevieve Le Tendre, widow of Jean Francois Peltier.

December 9, Quebec, birth (II)-Catherine Beriau Métis daughter (I)-Jean Vincent Beriau.(1653-1715) and (II)-Marie Cordeau, Métis b-1660; married September 27, 1717 Quebec, Jacques Bertin

December 18: Quebec, birth (II)-Louis Bodin, Métis son (I)-Pierre Bodin b-1641 and (III)-Angelique Pinguet, Métis b-1672.

December 19: Beauport, Quebec, birth (III)-Noel Prevost, Métis, died January 1, 1713, Montreal, son (II)-Jean Prevost, Métis, b-1660 and (II)-Francoise LeBlanc, b-1662

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