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Wild College Parties

Parties are a common part of the “college scene.” Sororities and fraternities are known for throwing wild college parties. Campus security and policemen are on the look out for these wild celebrations. These types of parties tend to involve alcohol and drugs. Unfortunately wild college parties can get out of control and be deadly. Students go to the parties to socialize and “let loose.” They don’t usually consider the consequences that might result with their poor judgment.

Sororities and Fraternities like to sponsor wild college parties. They host parties to socialize, attract recruits and to plain “show off.” The parties are typically held at the sorority or fraternity house and other campus locations. The college or university and most of the time they are held off campus do not sponsor these types of get-togethers.

There are many dangers associated with these wild college parties. The most common danger is intoxication. Alcohol is almost always available at the party. College students drinking and driving can cause deadly accidents. Also students are known to drink too much and some suffer from alcohol poisonings and even death. Drugs are another major issue associated with wild college parties. Getting “high” off of marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and other popular drugs is associated with fun, but the “aftermath” can be anything but a good time. Even though kids are educated at a young age about the effects of drugs and alcohol many use college as an experimental ground. College students are typically unsupervised so they take advantage of that situation and sometime make unwise choices.

Law enforcement is aware of out-of-control college parties and they do their best to keep things under control, but they cannot monitor everything. Students are pressured socially to participate in illegal activities that are associated with these types of occasions. This can pose problems for the college and its students. Wild parties almost always result in injuries or fatalities so students are urged to stay away from this college scene and if you party then makes sure you do it cautiously.


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