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College Cheerleaders

Some people hate them, but it’s probably because they’re jealous. Those girls and guys have the right look, they have the irresistible charm, and they have the attention of the crowds and teams alike, at least during half-time. College cheerleaders are in the spotlight. Just like miniature versions of Hollywood celebrities, they have everyone’s attention in both the public and the private spheres. It may be easy to focus on the tabloid worthy material, but it is much more interesting to pay attention to the most powerful aspects of a cheerleader’s life. The most powerful aspects are also the most positive ones.

Just like any athlete, college cheerleaders work hard and work as a team. They go to practices for hours, several times a week. They develop great team spirit, except that they are on several teams. First, they have to work well with each other, but they also have to know and support whatever team they are cheering for. Even without the same recognition that the sports players get, college cheerleaders tirelessly shop up at game after game in any weather and encourage and praise players and crowds. At the end of long football games, it is the football team that sees itself in the headlines of the paper. Even though the cheerleaders are influential in the outcome of games, they are not praised as the heroes.

They do have opportunities to win awards though, in a different arena. College cheerleaders put in even more work every year to compete in cheering. The drills are beautiful and perfectly executed. Again though, all the hard work is not just for the cheerleaders. When they do get the opportunity for recognition for their skills, they still bring glory back to the school they represent. So, though there’s much to be jealous of, remember that college cheerleaders are working hard and working for the school and the team.


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