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College Mascot

A college mascot is the “heart” of the school. The mascot is proudly displayed at sporting events and on campus for all to see. College mascots represent the school with pride and are an important part of its image. The history of the college typically is portrayed through their mascot. College and universities throughout the world have famous mascots who stand out and symbolize their school. Mascots are determined through college government and popular vote most of the time a new school carefully thinks about their mascot or school symbol.

Mascots typically make their entrance at sporting events and other school functions. Most schools have costumes for their mascot, but there are certain colleges that harbor live mascots. Animals are a popular mascot and represent many colleges and universities throughout the nation.

Several companies specialize in mascot costumes and design. School memorabilia contains pictures of the mascot and the school colors. Many colleges have had their mascot for centuries. Colleges do not change mascots unless there is an important reason why they need to make a change. Some colleges and universities have had to alter their mascots because of political issues.


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