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College Graduation Gifts

College graduation gifts have become a tradition. College graduates have completed a huge milestone in their adult lives and they are preparing to enter the workforce. Graduation is a time to celebrate with close friends and relatives; gifts are just an added bonus. Most gifts from relatives and friends are small and thoughtful. Here are some ideas for inexpensive graduation gifts:

Gold or Silver pen set—a nice pen set is a classy gift because it is likely the graduate will always be needing writing utensils.

MONEY—cold hard cash is probably the most sought after gift, even a little goes a long way when you are a starving, young graduate just starting out and your have financial obligations. Student loans are due and most graduates are still looking for their “perfect” job so money comes in handy for all occasions.

Journal—a journal is a great gift so the graduate can record their feelings and keep record of the new events happening in their lives.

Gift certificate—a gift certificate to their favorite store or restaurant can be a well-deserved reward and a fabulous college graduation gift that is sure to please any graduate.

Some fortunate college graduates might receive an elaborate college graduation gift like a new car or new house. Wealthy relatives or parents may choose to reward their graduate with highly expensive things. Airline tickets to travel and vacation somewhere is also a popular gift to give the graduate a little time to relax before they have to hit the employment circuit. These kind or gifts are typically few and far between. Smaller less expensive gifts have just as much meaning and are appreciated. College graduation is a big step toward the future for young and old, so sharing in the happiness is one of the best gifts of all.


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