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High School graduates usually can’t wait to experience “college life.” Colleges and universities gear up to welcome the incoming freshman. Campuses across the United States greet millions of new students every year. College life is appealing to young people, they can’t wait be “out on their own” and unsupervised.

Whether you are going to a large university or a small community college you might find privacy a rare commodity. College students who live with roommates or live on campus in the dorms are subject to people dropping by anytime, whether they are invited or not. The noise level tends to be elevated. Young people attend college for many reasons. They are not only there to learn but they are there to socialize and enjoy the excitement. Parents are sending their children of to get an education and learn the hard lessons of life. Financial support is not the only support needed by most students. Having family and friends to lean on through tough times is an added plus.

College life can be more complex than high school schedules. New freshman students may need to adapt to the vigorous lifestyle. Classes are more difficult and the homework load is heavier. The subjects are covered at a faster pace and students are expected to cover a lot of material on their own. Final exams tend to be large portion of your grade so studying early will help with retention and can alleviate anxiety and stress. Prepare your teen for college with advice on parenting teens.

Any student who is willing to make the grade and suffer through the ups and downs of college life can earn a college degree. Patience, a willingness to learn, compromise and perseverance are all required for college students to succeed. You not only get a degree in your field of study but a degree in tenacity as well.


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